Just got a brand new iMac and protools won't work with it, so I went with Logic Express 8 are there any other editing software suggestions?? Anyone else using Logic?? How do you like it. I know there must be others out there in the "Mac Cult".

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Hi Brian. I have the new Intel MacBook Pro and was using Garage Band for the past 3 years to do ALL my editing and it works great. 2 days ago, after listening to a podcast, I downloaded Adobe Soundbooth and I have to say that it's fantastic! It's a one track recorder and editor, but if we're just delivering reads with no production that's all we need! (Any more tracks and I can always use GB again).

One thing I found when cutting up a lot in a recent read, is that in Garage Band I would have had to join up the tracks after chopping, but in Soundbooth, no need, it joins it up for you! Also, the amount you can zoom into the waveform is scary, you can go into the minutest detail, much more so than GB. It has all the effects, compression etc you need and a wicked timestretch and pitchshift fuctions. I used the timestretch only yesterday when a client needed my read to be exactly 2:59! No problem at all, it took seconds to do.

I don't work for Adobe by the way!! Try th 30 day trial and let me know what you think Brian, I'm sure you'll be as amazed as I am by it!

Good luck. x
Don't miss twistedwave.com for the Mac.
It's EASY, like Soundbooth, but it is also MUCH cheaper at $70 (last I checked)
and Beau Weaver is in constant contact with the author who ads features just to meet the needs of the VO artist. It ROCKS...

Hi George-I recently downloaded the trail version of Twisted Wave.Sounds like you've been using it for a while now. It seems really easy to use but I was wondering..can you record and view more than 1 track on it. With Audacity I was able to record as many tracks as I wanted and mute the ones I didn't need to hear,etc.I'm a little technically challenged and have used Audacity for years with no issues. I know I have to just spend more time with Twisted Wave but wanted to approach someone who has been more familiar with it than I. Thanks for your comments. Regards,Ed : )

Hey Bryan,
I switched to Mac about 12 years ago and have never regretted it one day. I love my Mac wouldn't use anything else. I have a Dual processor g5 tower and a macbook pro for portability. My background and training as an audio engineer and musician has led me to use pro tools in most studios. But also from a musician’s point of view I use Logic Studio on both my Macs in my own studio, Lots of perks and plug-ins, and it also allows you to score to film or video. Much more cost efficient. You can create almost anything you can think of with it. Especially doing VO work, which is a new venture for me. Possibilities are endless.
Bryan, you may well be aware of this forum, but if not it really is a deep well of information:


However, your iMac should work fine with ProTools. I will say, if you are recording onto the iMac with the mic anywhere near the machine, you will run into noise issues. The iMac, in my opinion, is not the machine to have for your application...they can get noisy. I have a G5 that I keep in the next room over and just have cables running into my work area, along with my dual monitors.

Anyway, here is info on Pro Tools/Leopard

Pro Tools for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Now Available
Digidesign is pleased to announce the availability of Pro Tools® 7.4.2 software, which provides Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) compatibility to Pro Tools|HD®, Pro Tools LE®, and Pro Tools M-Powered™ users. We’d like to thank our entire community of Mac users for their patience as we worked to bring a fully tested and reliable version of Pro Tools to Apple’s latest platform.
Pro Tools 7.4.2 software is currently available as a download only, and is free for all Pro Tools 7.4 owners. If you do not own Pro Tools 7.4, see Compatibility & Upgrades.
Pro Tools 7.4.2 software requires Mac OS X 10.5.3 or 10.5.4, and is not compatible with earlier versions of Leopard.
For more information and link to downloads, please see the announcement in the News section:
Pro Tools 7.4.2 for Mac OS X Leopard
Hi - I have a MAC Powerbook G4 and used Protools for a year or so but it was very glitchy and unreliable. I now use Sound Studio which is made for MAC and is SO easy, so easy, so easy. I downloaded the software before the disk arrived in the mail and I was up and running in 5 minutes. No glitches whatsoever. It is made for voice recording and not for multi-tracking, so it's just what vo folks need. I understand Garage Band works well too, but if you want the simplest software to operate, Sound Studio is it. It's about $79. Hey, i just realized you posted this in June and you've probably already solved your problem. A day late and a dollar short! That's me! Good luck! Kay
Once you go Mac..you never go back!
I'm loving this Mac. For right now I've decided to stick with Logic, seem to have alot of bells and whistles. And it gets easier everyday...lol
I've got a mac and was I disappointed when i couldn't change the file size in Garageband 3!

Voice123.com requires you to alter your files to specifications and Garageband just doesn't have that as a function!

I guess I have to go out and BUY Logic or Pro Tools now! AND learn the whole thing! (It took me 2 weeks to go through the Garageband book, Logic and PT must be about a 4-6 week course!

I got the mac b/c I believed it had superior quality when it comes to multimedia, but I'm beginning to think I could do all the same stuff on my PC.

Nothing is open source on a mac too! You have to pay lots of cash for software! At least there is some open source software out there for both mac and PC. As long as I can edit, mix and resize the final of my projects, It really doesn't matter to me what platform I'm on anymore.

Please, somebody give me some reasons not to be so bitter about buying the Macbook Pro. (Did you know it can only handle 2GB of ram! That's a good amount, but the more the better,especially when it comes to audio and video.)
Gordo, I was a PC user for years and as Randy said "once ou have Mac you never go back!"

They just work, simple as that! No risk of virus' so n need to install anti-virus software which will slow you down. Progs don't assign themselves to run in the background, constantly draining your RAM and slowing you down. The beauty of a Mac is that all the major progs such as Mail, iPhoto, Garageband, iTunes etc are designed to work seamlessly together and don't worry, you can get open source software for them too.

Spotlight, the search facility is incredible, as soon as I type the letter G.O.. it starts looking for your name in ALL documentaries, progs and media, whereas you a PC takes ages and ages! ...I could go on, but I'd be boring everyone!

By the way, I don't work for Mac at all, I just love mine!

Darren x
Gordo, as the song says..."don't go changin" I have a New Mac g5 and Logic is working great even though I miss pro-tools a bit. Those two programs are fantastic. Logic is like a super charged garageband and might be easier for you. The learning curve might be smaller for you. Pro Tools does have a steep learning curve. But still both programs are the best in multi track recording. Love the Mac for sure and like Darren I don't work for apple either.
Gordo, just to add, I was producing my reels myself for a few YEARS using Garageband and it's SO easy to use and works great. I still go back to it ocassionally.

The difference between a Mac and a PC is that a PC is just a bit of kit that can be a pain in the ar$e, whereas your Mac is your friend!!


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