Just got a brand new iMac and protools won't work with it, so I went with Logic Express 8 are there any other editing software suggestions?? Anyone else using Logic?? How do you like it. I know there must be others out there in the "Mac Cult".

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it's a little strange to figure out how to use...but you have Garage Band right here on your machine. Once I figured it out....I do all my auditions with it. There are some great presets with it....if you are interested in messing around with it....email me and I can point to all the right tthings for you>!
Ya Mike from protools to logic is a bit of a learning curve. I've tried garage band but it dosn't seem to fit my needs. I'm sloooowly learning logic but maybe I'll flip back and forth between the two. Cheers my friend and thanks so much for the reply. It's always good to meet another Mac user. Kind of like running into a pool of fresh water in the middle of a desert...lol
Hi Bryan, protools is actually mac-native, so it should work fine with your mac - over here (in UK) protools is run primarely on macs in pro studios, I run protools in mine on a G5, all good!
The problem is very likely to lie with a compatibility issue between the MacOS version you're running and the protools version you have - do you run LE or HD? For instance, older versions of protools won't run on Leopard. Also, there is an known issue with running protools on laptops - I cannot run it on my Powerbook. Maybe having a look at digidesign support website would help?
Good luck!
I converted to Mac 3 years ago and will never go back. If Logic is too heavy for you, please keep in mind that basic tutorials and videos with specific instruction are available on apple.com and 1-on-1 training is available if you have an Apple store in your area. Garage Band is a great start and making the move to Logic Express is a more natural transition once you learn how to use it. ProTools does work on Macs, so the advice offered by Pierre is great as well.
I love my Mac and I'll never go back (hmmmm, la la la)

Jai -

For simple one-track VO's, you might want to try Amadeus. I can edit so fast on it, it's amazing. And you're right about Macs. Easier to use, sexy, and no viruses!

Hey Bryan,

We're Mac fanatics :) I haven't used Logic but wonder why Pro Tools didn't work with the new iMac. I wonder if Apple is trying to edge out Pro Tools as they refine the Garageband software...

Take care,

Ok gang this is what I’ve found out about Protools and the New Mac.Protools will work with any mac that doesn't have Leopard. If you’re running Tiger...great. The new macs come with leopard installed and they won’t run tiger. I had my computer guy install tiger on the new mac and protools ran great...but I could’nt connect to the internet. Digidesign said that that protools works with mac but they only have protools that works with a system with a tower and a macs with 10.5 not 10.5.1 or .2 or .3. and not with the iMac what so ever. They said it would be a while before they had protools working with all macs supporting Leopard. So until then I’ve been forced to move to another editing system. Mac’s are the best computer I’ve ever worked on and I have to say the Logic is a very cool program...with a ton more bells and whistles than protools. The learning curve is steep but everyday I get a bit higher on the mountain.. Yes I’m being swayed in a whole different direction here. I’d like to thank you all for your input about this...what a great bunch you all are
I'm a HUGE Mac fan/user and Pro Tools is great. If I can help in any way, just let me know.

Brian in Charlotte
I'll give garageband a shot ...thanks so much for your reply
I have 3 and will add 2 more by the end of the year. It's absolutely my favorite choice. When it comes to audio, a Mac, Pro Tools, and Waves plug ins are a must. I use Logic for music projects. I don't like canned music. I'll do it myself.
Just wondering how you like logic compared to protools??
I am a seasoned Logic user and wouldn't use anything else. It's head and shoulders above anything on the market and it' kinda nice having your system not crash like Windows!

Hope you're getting on well with it, if not ask me any questions you want.



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