Voice - I lost mine...please help! (9)


Struggling with a constant loss of Voice

This has been going on for over a year.  I went to the doctor and ENT.  They say there is nothing wrong.  They have me on Allergy Med, Asth…

Started by Fox Feltman

1 Oct 4, 2012
Reply by Scott Gentle

Vocal Cord Dysfunction VCD

Hi, has anyone heard of or suffered from VCD? I have been struggling with my voice for the past year and have seen many doctors but no one…

Started by Jerry Pullés

1 Mar 3, 2012
Reply by Jerry McClellan

throat specialists

a friend of mine who does a ton of voiceover spots (NY based) needs a good coach/specialist who could help her figure out what she's doing…

Started by Mary Birdsong

1 Dec 3, 2011
Reply by Kim Snyder

Performance 102 TLM

Someone in this community are using the new Neumann TLM 102?

Started by Roberto Ferraz

1 Mar 18, 2011
Reply by Don Mitchell Jones

Auditioning and Illness

I get colds from time to time... I usually opt to not go to my agency's booth, as to not get other clients sick. But I've been hired in the…

Started by Bailee

3 Nov 9, 2010
Reply by Frank Cabanski

Staying Healthy

I don't know much about VO but I sing and have lost my voice a million times! In fact, I had so many throat infections and tonsil issues th…

Started by Tisha E. Davis

5 Jun 29, 2010
Reply by Heather Costa

Lost Voice

Do not shout , do not scream , and do not whisper , drink lot's of water . and honey and lemon tea , and if you can , rest your voice for a…

Started by CHRIS GRANT

11 Mar 1, 2010
Reply by Sound Advice

GERD/LPR dilemmas....anyone else?

Hi, all.... I was wondering if anyone else has been suffering with reflux dilemmas, either GERD or LPR? If so, how has it affected your wo…

Started by Matt Anthony

2 Oct 10, 2008
Reply by Matt Anthony

HELP! I Lost my cell phone at VOICE 2008. Have you seen it?

It was a blackberry 7130. I checked with VOICE 2008 lost and found, hotel security, the last place I left it (in the ballroom at the Promo…

Started by Nikki Strong

7 Aug 22, 2008
Reply by Mike Elmore


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