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Seeking Mic Pre Recommendations

Hi there. I've been using a Sennheiser 416 now for a while with my Roland Quad-Capture I/O. The 416 sounds great at all the studios I've wo…

Started by John Matthew

0 Jun 22, 2017

Ventilation in home sound booth

Hi all. I live in Houston Texas where it gets hot. Very, very hot. My booth is very quiet and well insulated. In the winter it is just perf…

Started by Stephen Saunders

1 Aug 26, 2014
Reply by Ron Grandia

75% off TwistedWave!!!

Great recording app! Simple, powerful, and plenty of effects/plugins Perfect for the pro and newbie. Been using the iPad version for a year…

Started by Trey Thomas

0 Jul 27, 2014

Custom Built Voice Over Studio in Melbourne, Australia

Hi all :)It's been a long time since I've posted or browsed here, but I have some exciting news I thought would be worth sharing - we have…

Started by Paul Seidel

0 Mar 13, 2014

Paperless studio - OR: Using protools while reading from the screen

Hi all, I just changed the setup in my vocal booth, and added a monitor, keyboard and mouse. This way, I'm able to do most of the editing…

Started by Arno Lubbinge

8 Aug 1, 2013
Reply by Michael Brown

Help! Phone patch....

Hi all, I wonder if someone can help...   I have an Mbox 3 (middle box, not the mini or the pro), feeding an iMac running Pro Tools LE 8.  …

Started by Don Ferguson

2 Jul 24, 2013
Reply by Michael Brown

Requesting help locating a John Hardy M-1 Personal Mic Preamp...

Hello, We have a series of upcoming projects involving several flights per day and the related need to pack super efficiently and ultra-lig…

Started by Bob Hallton

1 Jul 24, 2013
Reply by Michael Brown

Mic suggestions for a higher female voice?

Hi everyone! I've been using a USB Snowball mic in a portable VO box in my closet, and it's becoming clear that in order to compete profess…

Started by Laci Morgan

1 Jul 24, 2013
Reply by Michael Brown

IPad and VO recording

Hi all. Curious if anyone has used and/or explored the iPad as a portable recording device? I recently came across an application at harmon…

Started by Dana Negrey

10 Jan 18, 2013
Reply by Jamie Blythe

iOS Auditions

I'm curious to find out who uses their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to do their voiceover auditions? Has anyone wanted to do this but was un…

Started by Jamie Blythe

0 Jan 18, 2013


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