Coach, Can ya help me? (28)


Whistling T D and S sounds

I've always been fairly sibilant, but recently I'm hearing actual whistling sounds on my T, S and D sounds (mostly T). Any exercises to cor…

Started by John Matthew

0 Jun 22, 2017

Can you get an agent if your home studio doesn't have ISDN and you live outside of their area ?

So I've been trying for a while to get ANY jobs off of the online casting sites, with no luck. Lots of great feedback, but no booked paying…

Started by Laci Morgan

0 May 8, 2013

New Training

Which is best to have in your arsenal, an animation demo or a narration demo? I will eventually have both, but financially can only begin t…

Started by Christina Kelley

1 Apr 19, 2013
Reply by Scott Gentle

Connecting with other VO people to practice together on SKYPE

I'm looking to get people to spend some time each week on SKYPE to critique each other's readings. 

Started by Elle Rapp

3 Feb 5, 2013
Reply by Elle Rapp

Finding The "Right" Talent Agent

Like most voice talent, I've currently got a handful of agents who keep me fairly busy on a weekly basis with auditions.  Most of these aud…

Started by Jeff Hagedorn

8 Sep 15, 2012
Reply by Fentriss O. Moore

Looking For a Voice Over Coach

I've been into voice over and production for a while now, but I'm looking to take my voice over work to the next level.  How should I go ab…

Started by Larry McGill

2 Apr 27, 2012
Reply by Lesley Bailey at Voiceover Gurus

Voice Over coach recommendations

Hello, I am looking for some recommendations for a voice over coach.  I would prefer in-person/in-studio.  I have over 20 years of radio ex…

Started by Brian Doucette

1 Mar 4, 2012
Reply by James Alburger

Which British Dialect (to learn) is most effective?

When a client requests a "British Accent" (with no geographic cues in the breakdown), which dialect gives an actor the best opportunity to…

Started by Scott J. Smith

2 Jan 11, 2012
Reply by Scott J. Smith

Banking Commercial...Need some input...

Im not 100% sure where im suppose to post if im in the wrong area...I apologize!! :) Im work with a radio station in Texas...we h…

Started by Pete Garcia

1 Aug 21, 2011
Reply by James Alburger

Voice over classes in the UK with successful voice actor.

British Voice Artists!If you are in the UK and would love the opportunity to study with veteran voice actor Richard Horvitz, then you might…

Started by Emma Marie

0 Aug 1, 2011


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